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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bottomless coffee makes me happy!

Ok, I'm new to this whole Blog thingy but I've realised I'd better get hot on it pretty quick as my friend and colleague Tim Clague is launching us headlong into our first video blog next week. This will be a series of short films which ultimately the audience will have full control over whether they want to see more of the same thing or give us something completely new to work on.

It's the start of something big alright and our real masterplan can be found here - www.365films.com

I didn't want to start my own blog really but seeing as you get the chance automatically when you sign up as a user of Blogger I thought I'd better get full use out of it.

I guess this Blog will be about anything and everything but mostly it will give me a chance to have a rant about stuff and see what gives.

First up is - why is it only in America that I can go into just about anywhere and get free refills on my coffee??

Over here the chance for an infinite slurp on the black demon drink is seldom offered but when it is it's greatly recieved (unless it's like quaffing my own warm bile and then I barely make it to the end of the first mug).

For a while Harvester did an offer where you could get such a drink, but it was hidden away and rarely advertised on the menus. Now it is gone once more.

My fave place for a slow feed of caffeine has to be a diner just outside of London on the M40. It's called Starvin' Marvins and right from the outset you know what to expect as the glorified greasy spoon is housed in a glorious American silver trailer.

So come on you big guys, the Starsluts and Coffee Repubic and the like, what are you waiting for? Is it really down to the independents to keep me at the level of addiction I'm accustomed to?

Hey I'll even buy a muffin!Posted by Picasa


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