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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Spam Tin

My colleague Tim Clague and I have noticed a real upsurge recently in the amount of spam mail we are recieving. This is particularly surprising to us as we recently had a wonderful new spam filter installed at work which does a wonderful job of missing all the spam and trapping any mails I try and send in its tiny little crab net.

Spam is getting more clever you see, subject lines are created in some random word generator, content is for the most part spelt in bizarre ways and in many cases the whole mail can be just a huge image.

Tim said he thought it would be great if someone out there responded to the spammers like you would respond to any email of interest. So for one week only I have taken it upon myself to do verbal battle with these spammers right here on this blog! Each day I shall pick my favourite spam mail, found loitering in my inbox when I get to work and respond to it in a way only a gentleman would.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you - The Spam Tin.

Feel free to leave your own wonderful examples right here on this blog.


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