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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Spam Tin Day 4: Double bill, overboard calamity!

Today in The Spam Tin we have a 2-up special! Both Francois Veillon and Luisa Vangelder felt they really must tell me about the same hot offer.

It's a super special day too in that the cheeky little winkle-pickers both sent me a lovely image featuring their offer:

Tut, tut Luisa

Francois, you naughty sprite.

Dear Francois and Luisa,

I fear you have both copied your work from some other unsuspecting spammer and passed it onto me as your own. Even worse you couldn't be bothered to type up your scam and instead chose to scan in your spam. It really is the laziest, sloppiest work I've seen within the many hundreds of emails I've recieved...today.

If you continue along this track I shall be forced to use my cane and beat seven shades of yesterday's shit out of you.



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