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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pizza Slut.

So Pizza Hut have a new all you can eat £3.99 lunchtime buffet offer, replacing their previous £4.99 lunchtime offer.

Sounds great right? It's not.

Firstly in the old deal you had access to pizza, pasta and salad. In the new deal you only get the pizza, if you want salad and pasta too there is another deal but that will cost you £5.49 - a hike of 0.50p from the old deal.

Obviously we weren't getting conned by this so we stuck to our guns and had just the pizza, which as we all know anyway is the nice, unhealthy bit anyway.

So the food was ok. This rant is not about sub-standard food quality or the staff's fast turnaround on getting the food out, both of these were pretty good.

No this rant is about how downright dirty I felt just being there.

This morning I saw an episode of the show Planet Earth featuring pirana fish in Brazil having a feeding frenzy. Looking at the buffet counter I was very much reminded of that image - the Pizza Hut visitors are just rabid animals! As soon as that buffet counter was filled again the people would just pile in, and unfortunately you can't help yourself you just have to join in the mentality.

It's WRONG I tell you, just plain old wrong.

People sit at their tables rapidly scoffing their food just so as not to miss the next round of warm stuff arriving on the counter. Their beady eyes dart around feverishly, as a mexican wave kicks off around the restaurant with people bobbing up and down like a pack of meercats desparate not to miss a chance at hot food.

It's just ugly, really, really ugly.

Why can't people just take their time? There's no rush, the pizza will keep on coming and hey here's a thought, if you take your time chewing and digesting your food you'll be able to eat a whole lot more and you'll feel more comfortable at the end of it.

There was just too much pushing and shoving. No manners, no etiquete just pure animal greed.

What have we become.

Harvester please bring back your "Lunch for a Fiver" offer, I don't know how many more trips to Pizza Hut I can take.

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